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Run a unit method to get the properties of Objects defined in that Unit

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Run a unit method to get the properties of Objects defined in that Unit

I have some wrapper function/Method for Name Mapping objects,  like 




Public mainwindow, textField,pasField


Sub init_Objects 

Set mainwindow = Aliases.App.Window

Set textField = mainwindow.textUsernameField

Set pasField = mainwindow.textUserPasswordField



End Sub



I'm not able to get all the properties and methods when I write scripts in code completion. 



Unit1.mainwindow.___     ''' ----------- Properties and methods are not shown in the code completion.


Call Unit1.mainwindow.___     ''' ----------- Properties and methods are not shown in the code completion.



I think issue is that assignments will be made at run time (test execution). So how can I get the properties of object at design time (writing script).


- I've tried to create Script Extension but not able to get this functionality. my script ext. code is like:


Sub  InitObject


Runner.CallMethod ("unit1.init_Objects ")


End Sub


In description.xml I 've mentioned it under runTimeObject node

<Script Name = "xyz.vbs" InitRoutine="Initialize">
<RuntimeObject Name = "xyz">
<Method Name="InitObject" Routine="InitObject">


I'm new to Script extensions so kindly guide if I'm doing something wrong and how can this issue be resolved.




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Code Completion needs to know, when you enter in the unit and the routine name, where to get the information from.  In whatever unit you are calling Unit1.mainwindow you need to include a 'USEUNIT call.



If you do this, Code completion should work.

As for creating a runtime object, what you've done is correct for the method. But what it seems you want is to be able to access properties.  For this, you need to create properties on your runtime object.  

I'd suggest you take a look at the tutorial for creating runtime objects. It walks you through, in detail, how to do exactly what you want.

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Thank you Tristaanogre.


For the second option i.e. defining properties for Runtime Object it could be done But I'm not intrested in doing this way because I have to define alot of properties and maintenace of Objects and properties is difficult.


I'm intrested in doing it method for First option from your reply, I'm currently using my objectwrapper in this way but it is not working for me. See the attached snapshot and it will be great if it could be done.



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Hi Sahmed,



I'm not sure if it's even possible. I recommend that you contact our TestComplete Support Team to investigate this behavior. You can reach out to them here:

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Thank you for the Update Tanya.

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