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ReadyAPI timeout causing failure within TestComplete test run.


ReadyAPI timeout causing failure within TestComplete test run.

I have several ReadyAPI calls as part of my project suite and for some reason many of them fail during a test run because of exceeding the read timeout.  I can run each of these ReadyAPI calls individually by right-clicking on the project tree and clicking Run and there is never any error.  Put it in a test script with the .Execute() command and there is almost always fail on the timeout.  I increased the timeout within ReadyAPI and saved the changes, but TestComplete still timeout and sometimes even says that the original timout was exceeded.  Has anyone else encountered this and how do I fix it?  This is from the Details tab for the failed step in TestComplete:


Type: The test run was cancelled due to a failed test step.

<h3><b>SOAP Request Failed</b></h3><pre> Read timed out
Status: FAIL
Time Taken: 3633
Size: 0
Timestamp: Fri May 28 10:57:17 CDT 2021
TestStep: SOAP Request

----------------- Messages ------------------------------ Read timed out

----------------- Properties ------------------------------
Endpoint: http://localhost:16499/3ac/soap/OA_Server
Encoding: UTF-8

---------------- Request ---------------------------
&lt;s:Envelope xmlns:s=&quot;;&gt;
      &lt;MultiSpeakMsgHeader Version=&quot;3.0&quot; UserID=&quot;MIL&quot; Pwd=&quot;milOMS4&quot; AppName=&quot;SoapUI&quot; AppVersion=&quot;5&quot; Company=&quot;Milsoft&quot; xmlns=&quot;;/&gt;
      &lt;ODEventNotification xmlns=&quot;;&gt;
            &lt;outageDetectionEvent objectID=&quot;{01C991C6-5159-47A9-877D-E6C8AB7D0000}&quot; errorString=&quot;&quot;&gt;
               &lt;comments&gt;IVR Test Call&lt;/comments&gt;
               &lt;!--NoResponse, Outage, PowerOff, Restoration, PowerOn--&gt;
               &lt;!--Call, CustomerServiceRep, InboundTelephoneDevice, Meter, Other--&gt;
                  &lt;message objectID=&quot;{01C991C6-5159-47A9-877D-E6C8AB7D2001}&quot;&gt;
               &lt;!--Normal, NeedsAttention, Urgent--&gt;
               &lt;!--Meter, Address, Unresolved--&gt;

---------------- Response --------------------------
- missing response / garbage collected -
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Let's see a screenshot of the code that is failing please.

@Marsha_R Which code?  Do you mean the command in the TestComplete script that runs the ReadyAPI call or the ReadyAPI SOAP call itself?

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The TestComplete code please



# Create Unresolved Call

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An actual screenshot is more helpful, along with some code before and after the problem code.  For example:



I'm not sure what good a screenshot would do for a ReadyAPI call?  This is literally happening with every ReadyAPI call I make across several different scripts.  Here are some examples:






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You said that it runs if you do it manually and doesn't when you run within TestComplete, therefore I'm looking for a problem in the code or the code right around it in TestComplete.  



@Marsha_R Gotcha.  Maybe I need some kind of delay between commands?  This seems to be a new problem with ReadyAPI 3.8 (or maybe even the latest TC update) as it wasn't happening until just a few weeks ago.

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Do you have something that you can check after that Delay and then after that setup line to make sure that everything actually started up and was setup the way you expect before you start with the Execute?  TC doesn't slow down any in between any of those things, so even though you had a delay, the service may not be ready and TC is going on with the SetupAVL line (which could be not ready on it's own) and then going on to Execute lines immediately. 





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