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Poor performance with checkpoints in tests against WPF components

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Poor performance with checkpoints in tests against WPF components

I have a problem whenever I'm inserting breakpoints into my tests while testing WPF components in my target application.


On a Hyper-V VM that has 8GB RAM, 4 virtual processors and on a high spec laptop (can provide more detail if pertinent), I'm finding that whenever I set a breakpoint in TestComplete while some of the objects and variables are of WPF components, it can take up to 45 minutes for TestComplete to become usable again when setting a breakpoint.


A full end-to-end execution is fine, and breakpoints in the WinForms section of the application I'm testing seem to behave as expected, however I'm wondering if there's something specific about what's under test that could be causing this slow run time.


I appreciate the details are a little light here, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar and am happy to provide more detail if necessary.


Hi ma0sm,


I too work with a very good machine and I also have experienced some performance issues when it comes to debbuging. However, I was able to minimize the problems by making sure my "Watch list variables" where just the ones I need. I think when in debbuging mode, Testcomplete slows down because it has to render all the properties and fields of the objects to show in the wath list.


I also have "optimized" Testcomplete by setting just the objects that I need, on Tools » Current Project Properties » Object Mapping.


Apart from that, I think there is not much to do 😞




Leandro de Araújo Souza



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