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Oracle EBS R12 - Best Practices in Identifying Specific Objects


Oracle EBS R12 - Best Practices in Identifying Specific Objects



We're recently started using TestComplete 14 as an attempt to automate most of our business processes in Oracle EBS R12. This is an application using AWT library for forms. As we're discovering the application and building tests, we've found that many of our tests cannot be used reliably using parameters or in multiple instances of the application.


What seems to happen is that various frames get created by the application, sometimes not differing in their properties, but differing in their position in the hierarchy of elements. So for instance they can have the same JavaFullClassName and AWTComponentAccessibleName, but will show up under two different frames. Another issue we've had is that in one of our instance that is a slightly more recent version of EBS, the structure is again different. The classes and properties are again the same, but the elements are named differently. This is causing our tests recorded in an earlier version of the application to fail in the more recent version, although on screen everything looks identical.


We're wondering if any has experience using TestComplete with EBS R12? Are there any best practices that can be shared?


Hello from TestComplete Product team,


Thanks for reaching out. Oracle EBS apps are not fun to work with, but TestComplete does try to simplify object identification of these Java objects as much as possible. We think that the issue could be related to the object identification of the 'frame' object itself. After you record the test, could you check if there are other properties by which you can manually change for the  'frame' element? 


Additionally, please open a support ticket here and the TestComplete development team will have a look at this issue in more detail.



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