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Object Not Found Found in TestComplete


Object Not Found Found in TestComplete

I have an textbox in one of my application, whose obj name is like TextBox
When i run the script the object textbox is not identifying, although the object is available is in the name mapping repository, i had to add a new object of the same textbox as TextBox1, at that time it runs, but again if i run some other day i get "object not found" error, how do i rectify it


sounds like a dynamic name mapping issue. When you run that test again, it will most likely fail upon the second iteration of the test. within the details tab of the test step that failed to identify that Textbox object, it may even give suggestions based on the object properties that it found, in comparison to the one that is stored within the name mapping repository. Otherwise, use the object spy to look into the TextBox object, and look at the object properties it is using in order to figure out the discrepancy between the two. Then either use wildcards (regexp) or conditional name mapping to account for the differences caused by the dynamicness of this textbox object, OR remove that property all together and add in a more stable/static object property to identify the textbox object 

Justin Kim
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