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Name mapping problems

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Name mapping problems

I'm continuing to map out my site.

As I'm getting further into it, I'm finding it more awkward to keep things neat.

Anyway. I'm having a few problems getting things to attach themselves to the correct page.

I have a "global" page where I map common controls. It uses only the base part of the site URL to identify itself so the controls stored against it will work just about anywhere in the site.

But then I have specific pages. It's a specific page I'm working with just now.

In order to stop everything finding its way onto the "global" page, I change a couple of it's identification properties so that it is not recognised while I map objects. I would have thought, if the top level page object does NOT match the page of the object you are trying to map, it would not attach to it. But it does, at least on this page anyway.

I'm trying to capture a simple TextNode and it keeps attaching it to the "global" page. Even though when I try and highlight the "global" page, it is not found.

No problem I think, I'll just copy and paste the object to the correct page (which is also present in the name map .... with the full URL which exactly matches the page I'm on) but I can copy the object I want .... but not paste it?!?!? Whats the point of copy without paste? (Same applies to all objects in the map)

I can't just drag it down to the new page as it's dependent on several object between the page and the textnode and if I drag all those down, I'll lose all the objects on my "global" page.

If I try and map child objects on the page, it finds all the object, but when I select the one I want to map it tells me it's already present on the other page. Normally, if child objects are already mapped, they don't show up when you try and map them.

This makes me think something in the name mapping is not working properly.

I've been using this method to map all my pages so far (the global one has been there longest) and it's worked fine. Not sure why it's not working now.

Any ideas?
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RE: Name mapping problems


OK, in true "IT Crowd" style, I thought I'd try the obvious.

Closed TC.

Closed Chrome.

Restarted TC.

Restarted Chrome.

Tried mapping the same object that kept attaching itself to my "global" page and it went straight to the new page. As it should have done all along.

I have noticed it does odd things sometimes. Earlier it was seeing nothing below except the "Sys.Browser("chrome").BrowserWindow(0).Window("Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND", "Chrome Legacy Window", 1)" object for Chrome. Closed Chrome and restarted it and all OK.

And sometimes it loses the codecomplete for my Script Extension methods. Go in and "Reload" script extensions and they come back.

Minor glitches I guess. Not sure if it was TC or Chrome that was glitching in this case but either way, a restart seems to have cured it.

Case closed ....
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