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Multiple Node Lock Licenses

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Multiple Node Lock Licenses

Hi all

We currently have 2 node locked TC licenses. Only one was in use till date however we now have plans to get additional resource using second license.

My issue here is, since I was the sole user of TC, the project was saved on my local C:/ drive. With introduction of additional user I am not sure how both of us can access the project at the same time and how the changes made by both of us will be updated to the project ?

Any help in this regreads will be much appreciated.



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@gdave wrote:

However, we are unable to host main project on our shared drive as it makes TC very slow. This is an organizational infrastructure limitation and we aren’t able to resolve this.

So as a work around, till date I use to host the main project on my local C: drive (as TC works seamlessly when access via C: drive). A copy of the project was also saved on shared drive as a backup. Once or twice every week I would manually copy the project file from C: drive over to the share drive to create most up to date back up.

Now the above model worked fine until now (since I was the sole user). However with the introduction of additional user I don’t see this model working. The last user to save the backup file will overwrite the changes made by the other user.

@AlexKaras @Marsha_R 

Hence, source control is the way to go.  GIT or Mercurial are free so you're not buying a new tool.  But definitely, you'll need to implemnet something like this.

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We are using GIT from source control. It works like a charm.

But more important is an agreement of how to structure and write your test and code. 

We have an agreed way of structuring namemappings, so they are uniform and easy to find. Also fuctions/Keywords and so on need to be within some degree of uniform naming and structure. The more people you are, them more this matters.


I may also suggest build a framework within TC, and refering to this from the tests. Making maintainability less and readbility higher.


Works really well for us. We are about 15 testers contributing to the automated tests in different way. So we need to know what is going on always,




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