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How to get TestComplete work in IE mode of Edge

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How to get TestComplete work in IE mode of Edge

We have a website running in Edge's IE mode. After recording a script, we want to rerun it. But seems like the script doesn't work....

The website can be opened correctly, but the next step, such as entering the username and the password etc, cannot be performed.

The TC version we used is x64.

Please see the detailed error message. 000001 is the username we entered.




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Can you provide the actual code that fails with this "Unable to find the object.Keys(...)" error?

Considering, that you are using 15.51.x version of TC that quite a few users have problems with, what I would like to check is that TC can find the <object> that it references in the error message.

I would try something like this (pseudocode) for my investigation:

var object =;

if (object.Exists)





and check the result of the execution.

It is possible that test will fail while looking for the <object>. In this case, depending on the error been posted to test log, it might be one of the problems of TC 15.51.x that are actively discussed in the Community now.


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Also, what version of Edge are you using? Are your name mappings correctly defined?

We didn't write the script code, just used the keyword tests.Record some actions, then automatically generate keyword and namepping. But the strange thing is that the actions  we recorded in the ie-mode of edge does not have the screenshots, nor does it generate the  specific namemapping.

The screenshots below show the contents of our keywordtest. 





We are using the version

In fact, name mappings are not generated. You can see the reply below for details.

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If you use the Object Spy tool, does it highlight each of the UI objects on screen?

No...Only the entire page is highlighted.

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I suggest you download the latest version of TC and try that.

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