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Executing TestComplete tests from command line


Executing TestComplete tests from command line

I'm trying to execute testcomplete tests from the command line and i'm referring to this page for the commands -


It seems to be simple, but  i'm unable to make it work.

In the cmd prompt, i changed the directory to the path where my testcomplete.exe file is and executing the below command


Path> TestComplete.exe <Path of the .pjs> file /run /project:<name of the project>

But after executing the above command, it launches testcomplete and shows the the below message



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Are you running this from the Windows command prompt or from powershell or from some other application?  What I've seen in the past is that, when running from some other method other than Windows command prompt, it ends up confusing the exe with trying to open a PJS file.

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yes you are right, though i mentioned command prompt i was actually using power shell and hence the confusion. Worked perfectly fine after switching to windows cmd. Thanks a lot!

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