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Desktop Scripting - How to throw an error

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Desktop Scripting - How to throw an error

Hello! I'm brand new here! Love this tool but I must convince my company based on a proof of concept. 


So, my simple question is, how do you throw an error based on your own test?


  GridCellValue = Aliases.Purchasing.frmPurchasingMenu.MdiClient.frmPoShipDateMaint.pnlData.tabMain.tpgTracking.RadGroupBox5.dgvTracking.wValue(0,2)  'row, column
  If GridCellValue <> "167 AAA Cooper" Then
    'throw an error  
  End If
  GridCellValue = Aliases.Purchasing.frmPurchasingMenu.MdiClient.frmPoShipDateMaint.pnlData.tabMain.tpgTracking.RadGroupBox5.dgvTracking.wValue(1,2)  'row, column
  If GridCellValue <> "1234567890" Then
    'throw an error  
  End If


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2 ways :


- Javascript basis;


 throw Error("This is the message of the error")


It will generate an exception and you can manage it in single endpoint with try .. catch pattern.


Note: you don't have to make throw new Error()  because new is implicit.


- TestComplete basis (not really throwing error but sort of);


Log.Error("This is the message of the error")




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For some additional information, the difference between throwing a Javascript error and using Log.Error() is that if you use Javascript's throw keyword you can catch those errors in a try... catch statement, which might be useful in some circumstances. Log.Error() can't be caught by a try... catch statement.

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