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DDT.ExcelDriver for .xlsx not .xls


DDT.ExcelDriver for .xlsx not .xls


The function below worked until I changed the format from .xls to .xlsx.  Now the log returns "

External table is not in the expected format".  Is there are way to correct this.  I did not think the two Excel formats would cause this?


This is how the function is called:

ReadExcelHeaderFile((PathFileName), "Project", 0);

This is the function

function ReadExcelHeaderFile(PathFileName, TargetText, TargetCell)
//Search for column header text in an Excel at a known column number 
//Argument (path and filename, text to search for, column number) { DDT.ExcelDriver((PathFileName), "Sheet1"); if ( (TargetText) == (DDT.CurrentDriver.ColumnName(TargetCell)) ) { Log.Message("Found "+(DDT.CurrentDriver.ColumnName(TargetCell))+" in header in column "+(TargetCell)); } else { Log.Warning("DID NOT Find "+(DDT.CurrentDriver.ColumnName(TargetCell))+" in header in column "+(TargetCell)); Project.Variables.FailFlag ++; } // Closes the driver DDT.CloseDriver(DDT.CurrentDriver.Name); }

 Thanks for any pointers.



Hello BMD,


You may need to download the Microsoft Office data connectivity driver to access the newer XLSX format.


2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components


More details on this in the TestComplete help here:


Using Excel Files as Data Storages



Thanks Dan,

I have requested the newer driver, be downloaded.  Is this included in TC10.6 we are upgrading to from 10.3 very soon.



That driver isn't part of TestComplete, it's a Windows driver that lets any program treat newer Excel files as a database.  So it's not included as part of the installation of TestComplete, but it is available free from Microsoft and we have a link to it from the support article.



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You probably need to change

DDT.ExcelDriver((PathFileName), "Sheet1");


DDT.ExcelDriver((PathFileName), "Sheet1", true);

in order to use .xlsx instead of .xls.

Helen Kosova
SmartBear Documentation Team Lead
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WOW this is tough.


It's simply not working.

It stops at the first line.

I downloaded the MS driver and have it setup like this:


while (! DDT.CurrentDriver.EOF())
//Gets a value from the storage and posts it to the log

// Closes the driver


The error i get is:

There was an error on this page.Error description: External table is not in the expected format 14:38:03 Normal


This works: DDT.ExcelDriver("C:\\BillableAPIUsageReport.xls","BillableAPIUsageReport",true)


I've downloaded the driver, ran as admin.

Restarted pc

Had TC closed when i installed.

Version 11.20.1491.7


Is anyone having any luck with xlsx and can 'show me the way' please?


Steph Beach

Certica Solutions.

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This is one workaround. If you keep the .xlsx file open while running the tests it should run fine.

Worked for me. Check if it works for you as well.

Thank you for your help.

That did work.

Then I decided to see if I could get it to fail again so i closed the xlsx file.

It still worked.


The only thing I did differently was to allow a new windows update this morning and that did a full restart.

So for anyone else, if you are in my situation, try a full power off and on.

Who knows with Microsoft.


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