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Coordinates fields are not shown in for LG-E460.


Coordinates fields are not shown in for LG-E460.

We have a testing scenario where we are not able to get the co-ordinates of the GPS location of LG-E460.



Android version: Jelly Bean.


I have done the following setting.


1.  GPS is enable in the mobile.

2. I have executed the following code and it returns the value 0 for all the values.



function PostGPSLocation()
  var Longt, Lat;
  // Enable GPS
  Mobile.Device.GPS.GPSEnabled = true;
  // Obtain location data
  Longt = Mobile.Device.GPS.Location.Longitude;
  Lat = Mobile.Device.GPS.Location.Latitude;
  // Output the location data
  Log.Message("The device location is:");
  Log.Message("Longitude: "+Longt);
  Log.Message("Latitude: "+Lat);
  Log.Message("Altitude: "+Mobile.Device.GPS.Location.Altitude);





The samething in Nexus 5 I am able to see the Coordinates in the object browser just by connecting the device. Androd version is KitKat



In both the above scenarios I have android agent enable.



Please revert back to the issue on priority







Re: Coordinates fields are not shown in for LG-E460.



Please install the GPS Test Android application on your device, disable the Wi-Fi connection and let the device find any GPS satellites. If it fails to find any, the possible issues are:
1. Your device cannot find GPS coordinates in your room.
2. The GPS module isn't working on your device for some reason - please contact your vendor to learn why.


Does this help?

Evgeny Efimkin
Customer Care Engineer
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