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Adding external python modules into TestComplete

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Adding external python modules into TestComplete



I'm trying to add the gnupg module to TestComplete. I have referenced


I have added the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 14\Bin\Extensions\Python\Python36\Lib

and restarted TestComplete. When I try to import the module (import gnupg), TestComplete says 'no module named gnupg'


Is there another step that I am missing?



Thank you!

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Wow, I am getting the same. I tried installing it with pip and copying everything over, I tried copying just the file across... still nothing.


Just to check, have you installed gnupg's dependencies?


@sonya_m Maybe the support page could do with some more examples of installing third-party packages in python. It just says to "put them here", but does that mean we need to install them with pip first and copy them over? Or do we download the package .tar.gz from pypi and extract it directly into the Lib directory?

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Yep, I also installed the package via pip, and then copied the file into the specified SmartBear directory. I then installed the full Gp4Win as well as the gnupg-w32cli-1.4 binary. My code fails on the import, before the I can even get to the code that creates the GPG object using the w32cli binary.

gpg = gnupg.GPG(gnupghome='/path/to/home/directory')



from os import sys
sys.path.insert(0, 'C:\\Users\\\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Python\\Python36\\Lib\\site-packages')

import gnupg

instead of copying the packages into the tc directory, i do this instead and it seems to work... have you given this a try

Justin Kim
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Does this mean there might be a bug in how TestComplete python importing works?

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SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

@tphillips , I've notified the documentation team about this page's contents!

Sonya Mihaljova
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