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please add method to get CurrentModule name (not just CurrentTestCase name)

please add method to get CurrentModule name (not just CurrentTestCase name)



This is a followup to this post:

At the moment, we have a property aqTestCase.CurrentTestCase.Name, which returns the name of current Test Case. However, this property returns null/exception in case the module in not set as a 'Test Case' in the Execution Plan. The thing is, that not all modules are usually set as Test Case, therefore aqTestCase.CurrentTestCase.Name is useless for these modules. So it would be nice to have either a new property or extended existing CurrentTestCase.Name property, which will return the name of module, regardless it's set as TestCase or not. Thanks.

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However, you can consider reaching out to the tool's development team or support channel to submit this feature request. They might evaluate the feasibility of adding this enhancement in a future update based on user feedback and requirements.


When submitting your request, be sure to provide a clear explanation of why this feature would be valuable, along with any specific use cases or scenarios where it would be helpful. imyfone mirrorto app This information can aid the development team in understanding the need and prioritizing the enhancement accordingly. 

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