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Double-Monitor and Logging ...

Double-Monitor and Logging ...


I work with two monitors and after running Keywordtests the pictures in the log are showing the secound (for testing unused) monitor. It´s not necessary to make a picture of both screens and I think nobody uses two screens for testing.

So please change the process of screenshot making limited to one screen only or make it chooseable from which screen pictures are been taken.


Attached Screenshot is showing my secound (blank) screen on the left side.

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Hey Hi,


We are using Doble Monitor application, its good for us, becouse in our application we are using both monitor and need to take screenshot of both. I thing this should be choosable. 🙂


Yes, you´re right - a choosable option would be great.

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I use 2 monitors,


1 runs TestComplete showing the test progress while the other screen shows the application running


an option to take a screenshot of where the test was focused or both screens would be great

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