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Standardization across organizations - PLEASE VOTE UP :-)

Standardization across organizations - PLEASE VOTE UP :-)

Hello Smartbear,


Could you please enable a feature of allowing standardization ACROSS organizations? (On premise version)

This would solve a lot of stuff in the way we are trying to use this feature and would allow us to organize and categorize our APIs in a more efficient way.

Thanks a lot.

thanks for voting up 👍👍👍


Kind regards,


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the on-premise version

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Indeed, it can be useful

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hey Adriaan,

Thanks for the request.

Would the request here be that there would be a single 'Standardisation Page' on an on-prem Swaggerhub that would apply to all Organisations (Global On-Prem Instance Standardisation rules) negating individual Org ones or Would you like to maintain per-Organisation Standardisation also and use a combination of Global Standardisation rules + then particular Organisation ones? 



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I would choose your second suggestion:

actual Org Standardization remains in place + a Global one that will override Org rules if there is a conflict

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@barglee applying the same standardization across all different organizations would already help a lot, but be able to fine-tune them between organizations would even be better 😊


i also have another suggestion on the standardization page feature as well, it would be handy to be able to change the nature of the linting rule (warning or error) ourselves.

also custom titles would be nice

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