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soapui-maven-plugin - plugin not found

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soapui-maven-plugin - plugin not found



I've been struggling getting the plugin to work for some time, w/o any luck..

Been reading 100's of posts and guides - including the one on


My problem is, that no matter what version I choose from:

maven can't find the plugin.





I've been using this repository url:

<id>SmartBear Sweden Plugin Repository</id>

I have tried adding it to the POM and to the Settings.xml in my .m2 folder.. Nothing works.


We're using artifactory for some of our other dependecies and plugins - but that shouldnt be a problem, as I see it? As the repo is added either by the POM or the Settings.xml in the .m2 folder..


Am I missing something completely stupid and simple here?


Thanks in advance









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Re: soapui-maven-plugin - plugin not found

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