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Move ReadyApi licence from a crashed laptop

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Move ReadyApi licence from a crashed laptop


My pc crashed 2 days ago, I can not turn it on to uninstall the licence. I got a new laptop, and when trying to install my licence, ReadyApi refuse it saying that it is already activated.


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Hey @amranial,

Sorry, i thought id posted an answer to this already.
This is a fixed term license, right? The trouble is that you need to deactivate a license before reapplying it to a different machine.
So you need to be able to access the ReadyAPI! software to do this.

When you say the pc crashed, can you clarify this point....are you saying you cannot login to windows?(im assuming youre running on windows here).
Assuming the pc wont start typically, have you tried logging in using safe mode? (Youd need safe mode plus networking).
You could run the OS via a PE image (like BartsPE or aomething equivalent) to access your harddrive or the alternative is you submit a support ticket to Smartbear and they will deactivate and then you can reapply thr license to a different machine


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Hi @amranial,


In my opinion you should contact the support team by opening a new ticket. 


The team can surely help you.

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