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How do I create a HTTP Request URL with uppercase characters

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How do I create a HTTP Request URL with uppercase characters

I'm trying to create a http request URL with uppercase characters in it but everytime that I try to upper case the Request URL it refeverts to lowercase meaning im unable to connect. This occuring in 5.2.2 but does not occur in 4.6.1



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Unfortunately, I have also found the HTTP TestStep UI converting things to lowercase to be a annoying issue!


One workaround is to use a property expansion to set the whole url (e.g. from a project level property) or just the parameters that are case sensitive, thus avoiding having to type the actual url into the HTTP Test Step editor - This is a similar post from a while ago (


In some cases others have edited the actual project XML file as a workaround!


Hope this helps,


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Hi Guys,


I recommend that you submit this as a product improvement idea in our SoapUI Feature Requests forum. If this idea gets many votes, our team could consider implementing this feature.

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Hi Tanya,


I think it has already been added as an improvement request:


I have just Kudoed that request, hopefully others will do the same.


I have replied to 3 posts on this topic in my short time on the forum, so hopefully the team will approve it as a request. If they don't approve it, I think it would be really easy to fix in the source code, so maybe I should join the open-source team and volunteer to do the change myself! 🙂




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Hi Tanya,


I'm amazed more people haven't had this problem.

I'm currently trying to send an HTTP request with a paramaterized value, however the default value for a project and test suite level paramater are Project and TestSuite respectively.


Accordingly, all of my tests are unable to be paramaterized because SoapUI converts them to lower case and my paramaters aren't found.  Is there a simple solution that doesn't require having test-level paramaters for each case?




As mentioned in the above replies, have you got chance to try with Property expansion to avoid / blocked by that issue?


Hi Rao,


Just so that you know, there is at least 1 bug raised against this issue:


Plus a feature request too I think.




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I've just stuck with version 4.6.4, at the moment i dont absolutley need to upgrade and will wait until mixed case is a feature.

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version 5.3 fixes this issue. Now I can set a URL for HTTP request in UPPERCASE or lowercase or MiXeD case. 

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