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Does SOAPUI 4.0.1 Support "substituteGroup" tag in XSDs ?

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Does SOAPUI 4.0.1 Support "substituteGroup" tag in XSDs ?

Hi All 


I am using SOAPUI 4.0,1

I have generated Java classes using a WSDL file 

I have created a JAR out of the created classes and imported that in our project 


Now when i try to read the response from SOAP UI Mock service and it is throwing arrayStore exception while populating the response classes  


But when i manualy read the response XML file (Java file read) without any mock service I am able to populate the response classes without any issue 


upon investigating it was found that the Tag which i read has an XSD  attribute "substituteGroup" of another tag 


Soap UI is not able to get that relation between them 


 <xs:element name="tagB" type="i:tagAtype" substitutionGroup="i:tagA" nillable="true" />


SOAPUI is able to accept only tagA in the XML, and when tagB comes it throws arrayStoreException 


Does SOAPUI have an issue regarding the "substitutionGroup" handling ? 


Please advice




Thanks and Regards



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