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What does the [PASS] suffix mean on test-cases ?

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What does the [PASS] suffix mean on test-cases ?

When running test cases, I usually see a suffix [RUNNING] after its name which is good to know that everything is running fine.

But now one of my tests has been stuck for several minutes (up to about 10 minutes apparently) with the mysterious "[PASS]" suffix, and the execution is completely stopped. Apparently the last assertion before stopping is green so it passed correctly. I cannot click in it though because the UI is frozen... After those 10minutes, the execution continues normally.


So, facts :

- the whole software freezes and becomes unusable during 10min

- ReadyAPI.exe continuously takes about 12% of my CPU while doing apparently nothing relevant

- I cannot find anywhere in the doc anything explaining what this [PASS]  suffix means

- killing the readyAPI.exe process and running the same test again would stop in the same way at the same location every time

- logs tabs do not show any useful information about what happens during this time


Questions :

- why is PASS status not documented  ?

- what on earth does readyapi.exe do during 10min using 10% of my CPU ? Could it be mining bitcoins for example ?

- how can a software be so expensive and have such ridiculous issues ?


Hello @Sbu,


I'm sorry that you're facing the issue when running your tests.


The PASS run status of a TestCase means that all the assertions within your TestCase passed successfully during the latest run. The other possible statuses are FAIL and CANCELLED (if TestCase execution was interrupted). 


If your case, the fact that execution freezes for some time and does not go to the next TestCase right after the previous TestCase has passed looks abnormal. Please submit a new support ticket, and our Customer Care team will investigate the issue: 


Customer Care Team

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Hi all,


@NBorovykh , thank you for your reply.


I agree, this situation requires investigation by our Customer Care team, so, @Sbu, please don't hesitate to contact them, they will be happy to assist you.

It would be great if you could share the final solution with the Community here.

Thank you in advance!


Olga Terentieva
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager

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