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Grid Datasource and copying test suites

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Grid Datasource and copying test suites

Is there any easier way to just copy the test suites and rename and start modifying. Currently, cloning the test suite is not very efficient since it modifies my resources. I've used Parasoft SOATest in my previous organization and realtively that was pretty efficient and powerful. Parasoft SOATest was **bleep** easy and time efficient to copy or reuse the scripts, test suite, test steps quickly.. Also, in SOAPUI pro, I do see the grid data source is not very efficient. I'm unable to copy the data in each row. It just fills only one cell at a time. In SOATest, there is also a table feature and its very easy and time efficient to use it. I can just copy and paste the entire row of the table or even copy multiple rows at once and paste it and modify any of the data in it. It just works same as  excel with the added advantage of not importing the file and to manage a file outside of the tool. SOAPUI Pro seems to be very buggy in reusability feature, datasource feature and the reporting.

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Hi @MeenaExplore,


Thanks for leaving your feedback.

It's sad to hear that you faced this situation. I'm sure our team will do their best to improve the product. I've asked our SoapUI Product Owner to review your feedback.


Olga Terentieva
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Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the tool, please look at this screen capture to see if this is what you want to achieve. Remember we may structure the datasource a bit differently than other tools but the goal is to create a set of data that can be used across tests without much effort

If the issue is a bit different please let me know.

About the reusing and cloning of testcases, testsuites or even API teststeps, the structure to follow would be to make sure that tests against same APIs, or APIs that interact should stay under one project(for the most part) this way you can easily pass variables around from one step to the next and create elaborate end to end tests. As soon as you clone a test to another project, it will also have to port the parent requests under the interface along with the interface itself. You should be able to set up tests flows and separate them with the testsuite and testcase to make sure you make meaningful and reusable tests. Please see some of the documentation links below, they should point you in the correct direction.


Managing tests:

Custom reusable properties:

If you need to reuse a set of tests that are common across all your scenarios, you should be modularizing them with the “run testcase” test step, more info here:


I really hope this is helpful and hope to hear back from you soon.

Temil Sanchez
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