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bug: exception when calling groovyUtilsPro.getGroovySql('<db name>')

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bug: exception when calling groovyUtilsPro.getGroovySql('<db name>')

I get exception when calling def sql = groovyUtilsPro.getGroovySql('<db name>'):

java.lang.indexOutOfBoundsException: No group 5

error at line: 5



def sql = Sql.newInstance(groovyUtilsPro.getJdbcConnection('<db name>').getMetaData().getURL())



import groovy.sql.Sql


def groovyUtilsPro = new GroovyUtilsPro(context)
def sql = groovyUtilsPro.getGroovySql('<db name>')



DB is MySql, same works for other Oracle DB configured in the project, so it may be connector bug

tried mysql-connector-java-8.0.24 and .23, both produce same exception

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Either your question needs to go into the forum here

or raise a case with customer support  if not already.

This does not seem to belong here.

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