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Option to have Grid like feature to add multiple test cases in a scenario

Option to have Grid like feature to add multiple test cases in a scenario

We have 100+ SOAP UI test cases that needs to be tested together to validate our infrastructure capacity. I went through the Ready API Load UI NG and I can see that only one test case can be added

to a scenario. Adding one test case to one scenario is not a good option for us.


Nice to Have :It would be nice if we have grid like option for a scenario where we can add mulptile test cases to the same scenario  ( please see the attached image).



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VERY good idea!

We are actually implementing it now for release in LoadUI NG 1.4!



Status changed to: Implemented
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Is it available in Ready API 1.4.1 ?


You can add multiple targets (TestCases or Single requests or URLs) in each scenario.

(You need a LoadUI NG Pro license for that to work)

Best regards,

Matti Hjelm, SmartBear

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