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Enabling OAuth2 for Kafka topics

Enabling OAuth2 for Kafka topics

It would really be helpful if OAuth2 authentication would be enabled for  Kafka topics just like for Rest APIs. Tokens would be dynamically generated and then put a reference to it into the connection settings. 


This feature would enable automating Kafka topics using OAuth2 as tokens expire after a given period (60 minutes or less usually)


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You can use OAuth2 Profiles for your Kafka requests in the current version of ReadyAPI.

If you set up an OAuth profile in the Auth Manager:

You should be able to use that Auth Profile in your API Connection step for your Kafka request:



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Thanks for your help @RusselViola !


I tried that, however the dropdown does not allow me to pick any OAuth2 profiles I created in my project, it only allows me to pick basic auth profiles. 😔



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