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Build number for Snapshots

Build number for Snapshots

I would appreciate it if you would add a build number or something like that to your "maintenance build" of ReadyAPI. Currently it is not possible to see whether a new build of a snapshot is available or not.
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I believe, it may be useful to add either with build number or update <number> to the installer or some otherway which works better.  

That will really be handy and time saver to the customers / users. Then everyone knows prior to download the build and try for the fix(which is currently happening), just by looking at build file name.

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Just thinking around, this may not really be the enhancement to product, rather it would be improvement to the download site.

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Additionally the build number should be visible in the software itself and of course being part of the download file name.


I would suggest to add the build number in the following cases:

  1. download file
  2. start logo (currently you can see only Snapshot-m)
  3. in the help menu (about-dialog)
  4. int the title text of the main readyAPI window

So it is not only an improvement to the download site.

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