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Able to modify JUNIT reports to include Request/Response for failed cases

Able to modify JUNIT reports to include Request/Response for failed cases

Right now, JUNIT reports are not modifiable at all. They are important when comes to running test cases via some CI and host result/report at a url. JUNIT reports are so simple and do not give information about the REQEST/RESPONSE  of a failed step to actually look at the reason why the test cases failed on the test server which might run successfully on local. Across various communities, I see that this feature is required by most of the users, a lot of discussion around it, and the way suggested is via maven project which seems to put more effort than writing test cases.

Hi, We had the same issue, and customising JUNIT reports would be nice but you can do that today with the standard groovy assertion output options: using a semicolon after the assertion result: assert assert_flag : "\nRequest: " + messageExchange.getRequestContent().toString() + "\nResponse: " + messageExchange.getResponseContent().toString()
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This is regarding the request to modify JUNIT reports to include Request/Response for failed steps


This functionality is already available.  In ReadyAPI, please go to:

File > Preferences > ReadyAPI tab > check 'Complete error logs'


This setting actually affects JUnit reports and will add full request/response and detailed message data for each failure


In v2.3 we will default this preference to provide that level of detail for new installations of ReadyAPI



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