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QAComplete and BDD

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QAComplete and BDD

Hi there,


Just curious how BDD figures in to use of QAComplete (if indeed it does).


So we creat test cases in QAC. BDD specs as in Cucumber, etc. are basically test cases. So would we also track BDD-style "feature" files in QAC at some point? Or would this not make sense and we would need to use Hiptest.


I am confused how the BDD and QAC would work together and where test cases overlap with BDD.


Thanks for any insights



Hi Mark,


So after submitting your question to one of our BDD experts, here is what Vincent Prêtre from HipTest recommends:


-> These two approaches are different:


1. QAC => is used to set up regression or non-regression tests. Test a path in the application for example, these tests will be done manually. This is a series of examples with an imperative language, implemented during or after the development of the application.


2. BDD => Before development, it is necessary to describe the application's behavior using a declarative language - for example: "I register on the application".
The goal is to align the teams on the functional bases (what must be done by the app) of the application, to obtain a vision shared by all the actors of the project.

These examples, translated into automated or manual tests, should not replace other regression or TDD tests.

One of the common bad practices is to transform a regression/non-regression test into a BDD (Gherkin): this is difficult and especially ineffective.


Hope this meets your need.


Kind regards,



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Great! That's just what I wanted. Thank you Houda and Vincent!

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