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New/Improved Testing Results Report based on a Release

New/Improved Testing Results Report based on a Release

Requesting a new Testing Results Report that provides the following: 

  1. Contains a drop-down list of the Releases for the applicable QAComplete project.
  2. Once a Release is selected, the report lists the Requirements linked to the selected Release.
  3. Under each linked Requirement, the report lists the Test Cases (Test ID & Title) linked to the applicable Requirement(s).
  4. For each Test Case listed, the Test Results are included that only pertains to the Release selected

Via "Legacy Reports", "Adhoc-Detail", "Requirements Report", we can generate the above report except it doesn't support item #4.  I submitted a support ticket (Case #00235269) but was told it was unlikely any future work will occur in the Legacy Report section.  As such I request the capability of creating this report in the Reports UI but I need your votes to make it happen.    


Our organization is deeply committed with the capability of linking Requirements to Releases and linking Test Cases to the applicable Requirements.  In fact, we've included the above report as part of our SDLC making it a required deliverable before a service request can be completed.  We purchased QAComplete because this functionality (Requirements Traceability) supported our objective in a new Test Management tool.  Overall, QAComplete supports this functionality but from our perspective falls short in acccurately reporting it.  


Thank you for your consideration.


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This post perfectly covers the problem we have.

We've also bought the tool for its requirements traceability feature and related reporting.

I strongly support the statement made that "QAComplete supports this functionality but from our perspective falls short in acccurately reporting it".

Since we are workng in a highly regulated software environment having improved reporting capabilities is a must when you consider audits, FDA submissions etc.

Having such a report (amongst others) would take away a huge burden of administrative effort, which we're now forced to do manually with every new release in order to preserve the requirement tracing record belonging to that release.


A desperate customer looking forward to a major overhaul of the QAComplete reporting feature.

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Yes, would be good to have QAComplete reporting feature, very helpful for us.

Can you consider this option please?



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