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Call shared steps within a test and at execution, include the detail of the shared steps.

Call shared steps within a test and at execution, include the detail of the shared steps.

We need a method by which a step or series of steps can be written once and called from multiple tests. For example, I want to write a login procedure and then call it from other tests. Specifically, I want to have a test step something like “Call ‘Login’”. At execution, this step would be replaced by the steps in the test called “Login”. I do not want to copy the steps (as we do now), because then I have to maintain those steps in many places.

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In a previous tool that my team used this was possible and very useful.  QAC needs to include this capability.  I agree with OP that it creates a lot of places to maintain the same steps.

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Is this already a feature (RE-USE/SHARED STEPS) in the latest release of the Tool? This is very useful in maintaining the automation test suite, by just editing those SHARED STEPS being accessed by multiple test cases in multiple test suites. This will also save a lot of time.

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Why doesn't this feature have the status "implemented" yet?

To me it feels like the ability to add a keyword or script routine to the test you are working on, is already the solution for the question here.

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Yes, this is a needed feature within QA Complete. 

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This would be amazing. Currently our team is presented with a major issue, and this would solve it.

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I'm surprised this isn't in the product already.  I have used this capability in Microsoft's TFS -very useful, for it saves a lot of time writing tests, *and* maintaining them.


Would ideally be accompanied by a tracing feature of "Here's the list of test cases that use this 'shared steps' component.".  This one allow evaluation of an update to the shared steps (that is, does the update break any of the tests that reference/use the shared steps).

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The tracing feature would be awesome aswell. Id also like to have the ability to parameterize the data in the steps defined by another test case.

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Ooohhhh - parameterize the data - great idea Novari-QA!  Perhaps not absolutely required at first release - so as to get "shared steps" out for use/feedback - but definitely in release after that. 

EXAMPLE Usage:  "parent" test case calls the shared steps "Login" with parameter of "Admin" for first run of test, then next run could be Login as "typical user", and 3rd run as "Support".

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I also hope to have better support now Slope 2 

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