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reorganize feature requests

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reorganize feature requests

this is a list of currently 163 requests in sequential order.

I will not read through it, of course.

Without a helpful structure, it is not information, but only noise.


So, my proposal:

reorganize it in a requirement-management fashioned way. Make it hierarchical. Apply a useful structure, so that the user can do a binary search instead of full read.

A useful structure would be the structure of TC's technical elements.

And, further: include status information. Has a request been discussed, is it accepted, rejected for what reason,..?

Provide filter & search functions on status and content.




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Hi Manfred,



Thanks for your suggestion. We are always improving the Community, including the Feature Requests Forums. We’ve recently released the Idea Statuses feature. This allows you to see the decision made by our POs regarding the target idea, as well as to to filter the ideas based on statuses:


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Status changed to: Implemented

We have implemented the following features for feature requests:

  1. feature request statuses
  2. it's possible to see feature requests with the highest rank, the biggest number of comments, etc.
  3. it's possible to search through feature requests 


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