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Intel Visual FORTRAN support

Intel Visual FORTRAN support

Dear all,

I strongly suggest that, in the next future, AQtime supports not only Compaq Visual FORTRAN but also the de facto standard for FORTRAN programming: Intel Visual FORTRAN,

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We compile some of our code using Intel Fortran 12, and AQTime now works fine with it. It used to crash during profiling, but I sent some DLLs to support and they fixed it right up.

So it is close!

We are about to upgrade to Intel Fortran 2016, so I guess we shall if it still all works.

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Very good news for the Intel FORTRAN users in the scientific computing community!

I hope to hear from you very soon with a new release of AQtime supporting this Intel compiler.


Thank you very much for taking my suggestion into account!

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I just compiled our large 64-bit application using Visual Studio 2015 native C++ and Intel Fortran 2016, under Windows 8.1.


I was able to start the application under AQTime Pro 8.24, run it, and gather and view Performance Profiler information.


So on the surface it seems towork fine and support these two compilers, although of course neither is listed as being officially supported.


As I said, we have been using AQTime to profile Intel Fortran code for some years now. Works well. (We used to use Rational Purify and Quantify, but all their tools crash on encountering ANY Fortran code, with no support ever planned)


The report does include some methods, such as __acrt_unlock and _fread_nolock_s, which I guess are usually excluded, but that is minor.


I have not tried other AQTime profilers such as the allocation profiler. Also integration into the Visual Studio 2015  IDE is probably absent, but that is minor, you just start your application up under AQTime.

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