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Duplicate e-mail notifications for edited topics 12-05-2017 23:58 PM

Sometimes I receive duplicate e-mails for new topics (see attachment) though only one topic is created. I suppose it happens when user edits the topic right after it was created.



Improve new post/answer text area toolbar 06-11-2014 06:26 AM
Hi there,

When I post reply, there is a text field where I enter the text of the message.

This text field has a simple toolbar above with only 6 buttons (bold, italics, URL, etc.). However, when I copy/paste text from a different source, sometimes it becomes formatted and is displayed formatted on the forum.

So, it looks like the control itself allows rich formatting, but most of it is hidden.

Could you please enable more formatting capabilities for forum posts?
TestComplete Cookbook 08-04-2014 12:18 PM
Hi everyone 🙂

I am glad to tell you that PACKT Publishing has recently published a new book on TestComplete, the "TestComplete Cookbook".

The format of the book is a set of separate recipes, each is a detailed answer to a certain question one may face when mastering TestComplete. The structure of the book was built in such a way that it can be used either as a step-by-step tutorial, or just read those recipes which you need to solve a particular problem.

I am the author of the "TestComplete Cookbook" and ready to answer any questions related to the book in this thread.

Subscription bug 07-28-2013 18:16 PM
When I reply to a post, I always subscribe to it.

However, if I check the 'Subscribe to post' checkbox when posting reply, I get error message 'Given email address is already subscribed to this forum.', so I have to uncheck the checkbox, post reply and then click Subscribe link.

Looks like a bug 🙂
Why Runner.CallMethod is obsolete? 11-04-2014 22:30 PM
Hi everyone,

I have just noticed that Runner.CallMethod became obsolete in TC 9 and I have a big concern here.

Since circular references are still not allowed in JScript, Runner.CallMethod is the only way how we can call functions between 2 units. USEUNIT doesn't help here.

If it is possible, I'd like to know SmartBear's official position regarding this question.

Thank you,
System Error when using TC 7.52 and Win 7 sp1 10-28-2011 18:21 PM

TC 7.52, Win 7 sp1 (both 32 and 64 bits).

I get an error in Windows system logs every time I start TestComplete.

Application ("C:\Program Files\Automated QA\TestComplete 7\Bin\TestComplete.exe" ) (PID: 0x1b0) is using Windows functionality that is not present in this release of Windows. [...] An RPC method has been called on a connectionless protocol sequence ncadg_ip_udp. [...] please, see"  

See attached screenshot for details.

Is there any workaround or patch for this?

It doesn't seem to influence TestComplete itself, but causes strange problems when I'm trying to connect to a virtual PC on Amazon via RDP.

Thanks in advance,
TestComplete tutorial in Russian 01-09-2010 01:00 AM

Hi everyone,

I am creating
an online tutorial on TestComplete in Russian. It is not completely ready yet,
but in my opinion everything one may need in the beginning of evaluating and
learning TestComplete is present.

tutorial can be found here

Here is a list
of questions which are ready at the moment


TC and Getting Started (Installing TC, IDE short overview, creating a new
project, language choosing, RnP, using Object Browser and Object Properties,
Log - briefly, open application, different types of application and how TC
recognizes controls - e.g. .NET, Java, Delphi, etc.)

Chapter 3

creating basics (selecting tree model, using coding standards, record/play and
manual script creating, Namespaces and Aliases, synchronization – Find/Wait
methods, Stores and checkpoints, Running scripts – TestItems, Using Logs – in
details, script debugging, using frameworks - brief)

Chapter 4.1
– Web functional testing

Chapter 7
DDT (using Excel as an example with some comments on CSV and ADO)

Chapter 11
(OCR, Events handling, Visualizer, Indicator)

Chapter 18
(a short overview of useful objects in TC, like BuiltIn, Runner, Options, aqUtils, aqConvert,
aqDateTime, aqEnvironment, aqObject, aqString, etc.)

And these
are chapters I am going to add in the nearest future:

Connected and Self-testing apps, ODT, Extensions,  API and DLL, .NET assemblies, User Forms,
Manual Testing, Unit Testing, Distributed testing, COM, Object Mapping,
LLPlayer, working with images, TC options and project options description.

I'll be glad for any comments, suggestions, etc. 🙂

Re: Windows 10 - Windows Security Pop Up 06-27-2019 02:38 AM

@Southpaw wrote:

Hi. No this did not help. 

Hmmmm, this is strange, because I remember I solved this issue using exactly UI Automation.

Anyway, it is good you managed to solve your issue

Re: Windows 10 - Windows Security Pop Up 06-27-2019 02:38 AM

Enabling UI Automation feature for this window should help

Re: command prompt conversion of TC to TE 06-11-2019 04:04 AM

@oriShalhon wrote:

I am working with older version on TC compared to the version of TE .



It is impossible to convert a project to a previous version. You have to install a newer version of TE on your CI machine

Re: how to run the update statement in test complete 04-22-2019 13:58 PM

Make sure that the user you use for connection has necessary privileges (to run UPDATE SQL queries)

Re: Framework in 12 mins 02-28-2019 05:31 AM

I want to read the function from excel and somehow I need to execute that function in TestComplete. Could you please let me know a good way to do this. I really need a standard way of doing this.

I understand what you are trying to achieve. AFAIK there is no way to do this except for 2 ways you have already tried (eval and Runner.CallMethod).

I just don't understand why you implement such a difficult solution? Why not using TestItems?

Re: Framework in 12 mins 02-28-2019 05:31 AM

BTW, using Runner.CallMethod is also not recommended as it is obsolete 🙂

Re: Framework in 12 mins 02-28-2019 05:31 AM

@shankar_r , starting from 10:30 the video has some creepy audio and video artifacts.


Also, it is a good idea to enlarge the font size, but it looks like you changed the tool for screen recording. It is focusing on currently active controls (or current mouse position, or something else). As a result, sometimes it is difficult to understand, where and why the focus moved.

Probably it would be better to use lower resolution to record the video, but always record the full screen.

P.S. Have you changed your voice? 🙂

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