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About our Community Leaders Program

We are building a strong "army" of professionals - people who have broad knowledge of SmartBear products in our Community. The SmartBear Community allows you to learn the products thoroughly. Along with your knowledge growth, your community status is growing, as well.
All Community members have a great opportunity to become a Community Leader, or even a Community Hero! These statuses open the door to our Product Team and different internal SmartBear processes.


Community Leaders

Community Leader

Leaders are community top contributors during a quarter.

Actively participate in community discussions and ideations, share your knowledge and provide valuable feedback. Members with the highest Kudos and Solutions numbers will be nominated for the Community Leader status at the beginning of each quarter.

Community Headers

Community Hero

Heroes are community top Leaders during a year.

Demonstrate great willingness to help others, share your knowledge with our product team by providing constructive feedback during the entire year. Members with the highest Kudos and Solutions numbers will be proposed to become a Community Hero at the beginning of a year.

Rewards and Benefits


Community Leader

Community Hero

Wearing a special badge in the Community
Moderator permissions to control Community discussions
Swags and gift cards from SmartBear
Elite status is assigned periodically (a quarter for leaders, a year - heroes)
Permanent elite status in the Community
Early access to beta programs
Invitations to discuss new product functionality


Our Team is choosing leaders and heroes across top contributors (based on the number of earned Kudos and Accepted Solutions). Here are simple requirements to earn the statuses:

  • Get a SmartBear Community account
  • Boost your activity points by participating in discussions
  • Earn Kudos by giving valuable feedback and sharing your knowledge.
  • Don’t cheat ;)

Start participating today to earn your first elite status in the SmartBear Community!

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