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Does ZephyrSquad have its own fixVersion field that is distinct from the JIRA field?

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Does ZephyrSquad have its own fixVersion field that is distinct from the JIRA field?

I am a little confused as to why Zephyr test is not populating the JIRA fixVersion field when I assign a test case to a test cycle, since it is needed in some of the JIRA Gadgets, e.g. Zephyr Test Distribution Gadget. I was thinking that I need to be manually added the associated version info to this field after I assigned a test (which seem stupid. Why isn't it just getting assigned.

When click on the name of the Test Cycle in the Details portion of the Cycle Summary, I notice that the resulting report has a field named fixVersion that had the correct version info in it, but that info is not appearing in the JIRA fixVersion field of the JIRA Issue. 

What is going on? If Zephyr has its own version of the field is its own Gadget unable to access that field?

I also noticed that SmartBear has an FAQ (sort of) on this issue, but I don't have JIRA Admin access and it is unclear is they are talking about Zephyr's fixVersion field being hidden or JIRA's fixVersion field being hidden. The JIRA field is definitely not hidden on a site. Working with IT is very challenging her, so I'm trying to get some insight to guide IT.




Hello @whyred1 ,


Test Cases and Test executions are two different entities for Zephyr. A test case can be executed in multiple different versions. The version that you are seeing in the results is the version in which the test case was executed. So, each row in the results grid shows the individual executions happened for each of the versions.


Since the test case view is different that the test execution view, the fixVersions are not associated in the test issue UI as it does not depict the execution side of it.


The test distribution gadget displays the test cases details and not test executions. So, the fix versions here do not look for the versions in which the test cases were executed.

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