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Zephyr Scale Cloud Test Steps upper limit

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Zephyr Scale Cloud Test Steps upper limit



I was wondering if someone you tell me if there is any upper limit on the number of test steps that can be added to a test case in Zephyr Scale Cloud version. I am trying to create testing cycle for end to end scenarios with different Assignee for each test step within the same test case.



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Sorry, no idea about that.  You could try the SmartBear support team for an answer.  You might know this already but there isn't any notification feature for test steps yet - it'll be a manual process to notify the next tester that they've got a test step to execute.

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Hi MisterB,


Thanks for sharing the information. Really appreciate it.


Do you know of any alternative way by which one test case can be assigned to multiple testers in Zephyr Scale. I am trying to work on End to End test scenarios.

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Hi Preeti,


There are a couple of options I can think of:


If your 'shared' test case is going to be tweaked slightly for each tester, then cloning the test cases and adding into the cycles is the way to go and will give you some control over the content of each tester's test case.


If your shared test case (Test Case A) is actually going to be used verbatim by each tester (without tweaking) then there is the 'Call to Test' feature which embeds the Test Case A into Test Case B, C, D, etc.  Note: if Test Case A is amended, your testers will see a message in the Test Player advising that the test case has been updated and asking them if they'd like to optionally update the script in the Test Player to match the test steps that's currently in Test Case A.




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