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Seeking to Insert 75+ projects into Reporting filter easily

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Seeking to Insert 75+ projects into Reporting filter easily


I have multiple reports that run in Confluence that roll up 75+ JIRA Projects against test cycles that are all named the same for a release.  Therefore, I filter by name of test cycle.


This makes the ability to report quite easy.


However, I'm looking at how I can use a wildcard character or save and copy projects from one report to another in teh listing so I don't have to re-enter 75 projects for each type of report.

Reference the attached screenshot to be aware of the window i'm trying to enter all the projects in.

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I'll try to help.  Can you please describe how you have structured your test models in Zephyr Scale.  For example, do you have 75 projects, all with the same cycle names as in the example below?


Project 1

Test Cycle SameName1

Test Cycle SameName2

Project 2

Test Cycle SameName1

Test Cycle SameName2


Project 75

Test Cycle SameName1

Test Cycle SameName2



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Yes, thank you.  That's correct.


I filter based on Custom Query (Cycle Name = XYZ) if XYZ was my cycle name shared across all projects.

Probably a stupid question but have you saved the URL to your reports after you've run them.  The URL is dynamic and will update based on the underlying criteria when it was run.  Would that help?

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Sorry, I can't quite understand what it is you're trying to achieve.  Are you able to provide a bit more detail?

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I am using the Confluence Report "Test Execution Scorecard by Project."  I am able to access this report by:

  1. 1. Go to Confluence
  2. 2. Add Other Macros
  3. 3. Select Macro -> Reporting -> Test Execution By Scorecard
  4. 4. The following window shows up.  I then type individually 50+ projects since there is no way to insert project names via a csv or any sort of deliminated string.  

I want to see if there is a way to copy and paste in these project references (to JIRA) automatically instead of having to manually continue to type them in for all the reports.  For instance, if I have project names such as:

  • Chair
  • Desk
  • Computer
  • Stand
  • Fan

I have to individually type, "Chair" + enter + "Desk" + enter + Computer + enter + Stand + enter + Fan + enter for the projects to register.  I cannot paste something like:

Chair, desk, computer, stand, fan

Chair; desk; computer; stand; fan



I have to individually type in each one.  That's painful.



The filter is in confluence and I don't see a reference to a "URL" for that report generated in the description below.



Thanks for taking the time to explain.  I think I understand.  The reason I asked about the URL is because it contains references to Project and Cycle (TestRun) IDs.  In the version of Zephyr Scale that I'm using, I go to the Reports area to generate reports and can see the same report in the example that you've given (see example attached).  Once I enter the criteria and generate the report, in my browser's URL box I can see the criteria I entered - which also means that I can edit the URL to generate new reports.  For your purposes you could use Excel to quickly auto-generate the details you need.


I've added an example below of a URL for the same report you're trying to produce and I've highlighted references to Project IDs and Test Cycle IDs:'xxxx-C183','xxxx-C184')%20AND%20testRun.onlyLastTestResult%20IS%20true&jql=&epicJQL=&title=REPORTS.TEST_RESULTS_SCORECARD_BY_PROJECT.TITLE&timezoneOffset=-60&displayUnit=COUNT&traceabilityReportOption=COVERAGE_TEST_CASES&traceabilityTreeOption=COVERAGE_TEST_CASES&traceabilityCustomTreeDisplayOption=CONDENSED&traceabilityMatrixOption=COVERAGE_TEST_CASES&period=WEEK&scorecardOption=EXECUTION_RESULTS&projectId=11904


If you can access the URL hopefully this is the solution you're looking for.


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