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Question for AQA. How to post needed steps and results in Test Cases executed.

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Question for AQA. How to post needed steps and results in Test Cases executed.

Hi Everyone,
 I have a new question during integraton ZephyrScale with my automation. Here is failed test case from my test run.




I want the following things to do:
1. Have the full log from my automation steps. (Not only error like on screenshots.
Something like this but inside the comment to test case executed.



2. If I have failed result - input screenshot to attachment.
3. Mark the steps inside executed test case.
Is this possible according ZephyrScale features? If yes - maybe you have some steps for me. @DavidL @jfelix @josh42 @sonya_m .
Will appreciate any answer.

Thanks a lot.





You can add a comment when creating a test execution using the REST API.

Maybe that could help?

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Hi DavidL,


Using ZephyrScale API I can add a comment to TestSycle in general when posting test results so I already know how to do it. I want to post comments for test cases separetly. So this does not help.


Have you tried the endpoint I mentioned? Because it should add comments to each test execution in your test cycle (and not in the cycle itself). The screenshot you have shared is actually showing a comment in a test execution so you can add a comment for each test execution separately using the above endpoint. Otherwise, I might be misunderstanding what you want to achieve.


Actually comments for test cases, test plans, and test cycles are not available on the Cloud version.

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