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how to automate our manual Oauth2.0 process. ?


how to automate our manual Oauth2.0 process. ?


We need to automate our manual Oauth2.0 process.

We currently use the ReadyAPI NG Pro edition GUI tool ... we have to set "Accept self signed certificates" In the project preferences, which is not available in the SoapUI free edition.

We need to get a new Oauth 2.0 token, and later we need to refresh the token.

This involves a two step process involving GUI popup screen screens in the ReadyAPI tool...

First screen [in readyapi] to enter client profile credentials ... then second screen [readyapi internal browser] to enter username and password.

We would like to automate that entire process, executing it at the command line, without the need to enter anything into any GUI popup screens ... so that our automated continuous integration system can run it.

We would prefer to use a Project XML file rather than a RECIPE Json file.

But if you can tell me how to do it with JSON RECIPE file, that would be acceptable.

I have not found any smartbear documentation describing this.


Re: how to automate our manual Oauth2.0 process. ?

There's a place where you can write some JavaScript code to automate filling in and submitting Username and Password info 


Here's the documentation that describes it -



Re: how to automate our manual Oauth2.0 process. ?


The javascript solution does not solve my problem.  That only works in the GUI and it only works in the Pro version because we use self signed certificates, which are not supported by the open source version.


We need something we can use at the command line without using the GUI at all.


We have license to Testserver, so could use that if you know of a good recipe or project file which works ?


The Testserver doc only talks about refreshing a token, it does not describe how to get a new token.





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