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Enhance JUnit-Style HTML Reports

Occasional Contributor

Enhance JUnit-Style HTML Reports

Hi Team,

I am trying to run the Ready API Tests using Jenkins and chosen the option to run through the testrunner commandline. Everything worked well bu the "JUnit-Style HTML Reports" needs to be enhanced to represent all the test cases.


Our Tests are being driven from the Excel Spreadsheet, Based on the input criteria for each testcase (Row in Excel) the test case will be executed.


However i could not get the same reflected in the report. Attached report shows consolidation of all test cases, Even when we ran 10 Test cases.


Could you please let me know how all our test cases can be reflected under the Test Cases section?

TC1 |Success| |1.01
TC2 |Success| |0.06
TC3 |Failed | |1.08


If this is a realistic approach, Could you please help me with a code snippet. 


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