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working with check boxes

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working with check boxes

I am trying to check the status of the checkbox (True or False). I can see checked status property in object property but couldn't get it when writing script

I can see checked status in object property but couldn't get it when writing the script...


Screenshot attached

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Debug your script. Run yourCheckbox.Checked and see what returns. 

What do you mean "you can't get it" when running a script?


What happens? Do you get an error? The wrong value? Nothing?


What happens?


It's a basic object property. So it should be a simple collection of it's value in a run. So either the object is not mapped right, so not being found. Or you're reading the wrong property. Or you are not refreshing the object state before querying it? Or something else ......


A little more info on:


1 - What your script is trying to do, and the steps leading up to this.

2 - What happens when you "can't get it". (Error messages etc)


Did you read this...


^Just remember you are looking for an integer not a Boolean value (wState has three states).

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