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web and mobile

I have Testcomplete web and mobile installed. When I record a web test, I get the message, No connected devices found.  TestComplete did not find any mobile devices connected to your computer...  I added IE as the tested app but still get this message - how do I designate this as a web test?


When you create a New Project you are given the ability to select the type of application you are testing. On that screen, you will want to choose 'Functional testing of web pages'. I'm not sure if there is any way to change this after the project has already been created, I am assuming there is not. 

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Hi Galeg,



Make sure that the following options are disabled in the Tools | Options | Engines | Mobile settings:

  • Automatically display Mobile Screen on OnScreen operation
  • Automatically display Mobile Screen on recording

Refer to the Mobile - General Options Dialog article for more information 

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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I did that but have to turn both back on when I record mobile scripts.  I am working on both types of projects so was hoping there was a way to designate each without switching settings back and forth.



>   I [...] was hoping there was a way to designate each without switching settings back and forth.

This is not possible now and I think that this can be reported to Support as either a problem (via the form) or as a feature request (via the same form or page).

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