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test failed on windows update screen

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test failed on windows update screen

Hi everyone,


I got an issue with the windows update screen, i'am using Jenkins which send test on a physical machine "vega test" with Testcomplete, which use Network suite on a virtual server "srv-test01" which will execute Keyword test on TestExecute.


Probleme is when there is a windows update screen the test crash because i didn't manage this case, after that i start my program and do some keyword test.


Is there a simple way to catch this screen, or manage this problem with KeywordTests? I tried to desable this on windows param but it's still there, i tried to put test on all day long to catch this windows and press esc to hide, but still didn't work.



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In the logs, please check the details tab for the Unexpected window or any overlapping window coming due to Window update screen.

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Thanks for advice Anupam!


@alpha13m Does this help?

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