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javax.swing.JTable does not scroll to display off screen cell?

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javax.swing.JTable does not scroll to display off screen cell?

From what I read here when I attempt to acces a table cell that is not visible TC should automatically scroll to display the cell.


This is not working for my swing jtables?


I did the object mapping and have the correct addon's for swing desktop added.


Currently using tc version 10.


Can I get the x,y coordinates of a table cell?  If yes, then I could write a function to scroll until the cell was visible.

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I guess this question is related to this one.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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I posted this one first and quickly realized I asked 2 questions and knew that it was unlikely that either would be answered when posted on this board, so I put the second one in the other post.


In this post I am looking for help figuring out why my swing table is not scrolling as it is supposed to in TC per . See the third bullet under "Basic Prnciples"

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I still have not been able to get tc to scroll to the cells automagically, but ...


table.scrollRowToVisible( row#);

table.scrollColumnToVisible( col # ); 


Work wonderfully for us.

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