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java bridge questions

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java bridge questions

I've got two errors.  The second of which came up when I was trying to debug the first.

1)  ssl handshake error 


When I try to do a send request using a java api I am getting a ssl handshake error with line 998 indicated

992 api = JavaClasses.tests_excentus_rl_rise_integration_api.RiseAPI.newInstance;
if ( api == null) {
Log.Message ( "api matched null !" );
} else {
Log.Message ( "api NOT null");
998 var responseText = api.sendRequest(ipAddress, port, processor, xmlStr, sslCertification);

However this works when I try it from my laptop (TestComplete) but fails on my jenkins box.  (TestExecute)   

Note that this also works using test execute for one flavor of processor but fails for other flavors....


2) can't instantiate new java class

I wanted to confirm that problem 1 above was  happening on multiple TestExecute boxes.  Although I had previously set up the java bridge on my laptop and then the  jenkins box and believe I've duplicated those steps on the other TestExecute box, I seem to be missing at least one step.


I'm getting "Object doesn't support this action"  with this line indicated. 

992  api = JavaClasses.tests_excentus_rl_rise_integration_api.RiseAPI.newInstance;

I copied the jar files over and specified the java bridge in the test execute options.

I added the jar file path to the system path variable as well,  even though I have not done that there on the original TestExecute box. 


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Re: java bridge questions

for item 2) it seems that we need to define the JVM dll in the test complete java bridge tools, options)  , not just the  project properties


for item 1)  it is not just  testcomplete versus testexecute,  but my laptop versus any other platform

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