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cannot find Edge browser

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cannot find Edge browser

After opening the Edge browser TestComplete does appear to see the browser is running.

I use the following code:


  aqUtils.Delay(5000, "Delayed for browser to appear.");
  var browser = Sys.Browser("*");
  var Page1 = browser.Page("*");


When it gets to "var Page1 = browser.Page("*"); " I get the message that "The page '*' was not found."

In the additional Info I get:

The Process("MicrosoftEdge", 2) does not contain Page("*").

This works in every other browser.
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Edge is considered to be a Microsoft Store Application.  In order to test such applications, you need to make sure that under Tools | Options | Engines | General the "Enable support for testing Windows Store Applications" is checked.  Note you will need to have administrator rights to your machine to do so and you will need to restart TestComplete.

Additionally, checking that box has the following effects according to the help documentation (😞

Enable support for testing Windows Store applications (requires restart) - Available only if you run TestComplete under Windows 8 or later. If this option is enabled (by default), TestComplete supports testing of Windows Store applications.

When you change this option, restart TestComplete for the change to come into effect.

Note: With the Windows Store applications support enabled, TestComplete stops supporting several test features you may want to use:
  • Automating TestComplete via COM (to do this, you need to configure your application in a certain manner).

  • Running tests in Connected and Self-Testing Applications (the applications will not be able to connect to TestComplete).

  • You may also experience problems with various tools that launch TestComplete via COM or command line.

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> The Process("MicrosoftEdge", 2) does not contain Page("*").

In addition to what was suggested by Robert, check with Task Manager that you don't have Edge processes that were closed but still continue running.

I have pretty similar case in one of the environments for IE. Don't know if this is because of the given web application or because of something else, but pretty often IE process remains running after the browser was closed. And in this case TC also fails with the message that Page cannot be found for this 'orphaned' process.


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I tried all of this with no change. I put in a support ticket.

I put in a support ticket. Their response was.


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for sending the screenshot. According to it, you are using Windows 10 version 1709 (Fall Creators Update). Unfortunately, TestComplete 12.41 doesn't support this version, so it's expected that Edge is not recognized as a browser. 

We are going to release TestComplete 12.42 which will have support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. There is no specific release date yet. If everything goes well, we will release TC 12.42 by the end of the month. Stay tuned for updates! 

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