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Window user logoff automatically after SessionCreator that triggered from

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Window user logoff automatically after SessionCreator that triggered from


I have a jenkins job that trigger a test execution on another remote windows machine with session creator


When I execute this jenkins job manually, tests are executed successfully.

Also this job is triggered from nightly CI/CD jenkins pipeline.

Tests are executed successfully as well BUT Windows (10) user logoff automatically . So every morning I logon to the new user session. So I lose my recent progress.

I don't know this is related to TestComplete session creator or jenkins. 

Anyone have an idea?


Logoff logs


Jenkins job start-end time




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I don't fully understand what the issue is? Are you saying that once SesssionCreator has completed the automation, it logs off?

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Not right after. There are few steps after execution such as result importer. But after all pipeline has finished, it logoff

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I'm just trying to understand the behaviour, as I also use SessionCreator in PowerShell script to run my automation. Once the automation is completed, the sessions is closed, i.e. user is logged off. 


I'm just wondering if there's a setting in Jenkins to wait for the process to finish, before returning back.

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I checked it but I don't see any settings on jenkins side. I think sessionCreater logon and logoff automatically for windows user and eventually it stays logoff .

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SessionCreator will log on, run the automation, and then log off. I would have assumed using parameter  /UseActiveSession will maintain the current session after finishing.


Would it not be best to use TestComplete commands?



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Yeah,  I agree.  Also I use /UA command. But /UseActiveSession command is about current TestComplete session, isn't it? or it is about windows session?





or it is about windows session?

It is about existing interactive session for the specified user. TestComplete itself does not provide any session.


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The "session" refers to the user (UserX) that's logged onto the machine. When using /UseActiveSession, it will run the automation on UserX session. If you omit /UseActiveSession, it will run the automation on UserY session - based on the /UserName.


If you see Integration With Jenkins, in the video clip, they mention about "interactive user session" - this needs to be correctly setup.

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I just missed one configuration setting and I fix it now. I will try it this night.

If it wont fix the problem I will create a windows user such as tester that mentioned in the videoclip.

And If this wont fix either I will try to Jenkins TestComplete plugin.

Thank you so much

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