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Wild card not supported in Property Checkpoint > URL? I am getting an error!

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Wild card not supported in Property Checkpoint > URL? I am getting an error!

Trying to confirm a page/url, as in -


aqObject.CheckProperty(Aliases.browser.pifHome, "URL", cmpEqual, "https://**");

I am getting "The "URL" property of the "Aliases.browser.pifHome" object does not meet the checkpoint's condition."




Help is much appreciated.



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Rather than cmpEqual, I think you need cmpMatches


and then set your value up as a regular expression


The way you have it now, the * is just part of the string that's being compared and it doesn't match, so the error shows up.

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Thank you for your reply. I will try that, and post here if I have any issues.



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Hi Marsha


First, thank you for pointing me to right direction!  For now, I am bypassing having to learn regular expression (deadline!), by using cmpContain to match "".


Need to learn regular expression. 🙂


Thank you!

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