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Where exactly can regular expressions be used in TestComplete? NameMapping? Elsewhere?


Where exactly can regular expressions be used in TestComplete? NameMapping? Elsewhere?

My test application is MFC based and comes with all of the warts and defects therein.  I am having problems name mapping the application and its controls because after creating them, they don't seem to work.  Every time my test app is invoked is has different classname values.  I thought I could solve the problem via the use of a regular expression.  I've tried using the regular expression as a constant and as a project variable value and referencing the variable.   Neither appear to work.


I am trying to represent the classname




with a regular expression since this value changes with each instance of the test application.  My regular expression is 




Am I attempting something that is not supported or attempting it in the wrong place?  



Randall Bowen

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TestComplete has regular expressions but I don't see any reference for name mapping, only for testing.


I think what  you want for NameMapping is wildcards:



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Are there other properties you can use to map the component other than class name?  Text or labels or something else?

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I also think in same line as @tristaanogre says.

How dose a user identify those fields? obviously some comprehensible name.....

isn't it easy to use that?   

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