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When testcomplete will auto refresh the test object?


When testcomplete will auto refresh the test object?

When I use testcompete 12 to test desktop App, sometimes it need me refresh the object and it can still run the next script. Sometimes it don't need me to refresh. So my question is when testcomplete will auto refresh the test object? Trigger the click event?  Add checkpoint ...  The help doc of refresh method can't give me this answer. So I ask for your help. Thanks!


Back to my origin question,

   There are two windows, and they are the same wndclass : #32770 and I use this property for dlg's namemaping,

My case like it:

     Dlg.btnOK.Click   ' another window will appear

     Dlg.btnCancel.Click   'Cancel this window. But it will failed because it will show "btnCancel" is invisible. It still use last window structure.

      But if I use these script,




 It will work normally.

But most when a dlg disappear and another dlg appear, i don't need refresh the window in script.

So my question is,

When and where i need use reresh? When and where TC will auto refresh the tested object?

There have a simple explain:

I will add refresh method in my project now.








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Then I don't know the answer to your questions.


Maybe someone else know the answer.


But I personally wouldn't base my scripts on automatic object refreshing by TestComplete engine. Robot wink

Thanks! I will think out how to work in TC cases.

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Hi @Bingo,

Did you come to some solution you can share with us?



Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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